Convenient radio; engaging video

Over the last few years, shorter forms of media such as reels or concise articles have become prevalent, leading to the majority of content being made in this form as that is what is currently appealing to audiences. Podcast episodes can range from a dozen or so minutes to even hours. This can make it hard for listeners to pay attention, especially since we are used to quick and brief content.

Audio content also faces a massive roadblock in that the absence of visual stimuli can make it hard to focus on the material. It makes it a lot easier to get distracted from the topic. Radio interviews also lend no insight into the physical state of a person or the emotions they showcase apart from their voice.
Why do some people prefer audio-based media? Well, they only provide one stream of content, so it’s far easier to tune in while preoccupied or in need of background noise. Conversely, videos and TV are things that you must give your complete attention to, or set time aside for. You could listen to a podcast while washing the dishes or drawing.

Ultimately, radio and podcasts can be very convenient, but video content is usually more engaging and offers a different layer of information. Both styles of content should be able to coexist and should be appreciated for their respective merits.

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