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Future in the hands of the present

We are in the ‘Decline of our Environment’ Era.

Change is inevitable, we all know that. However, habit is a vicious cycle. Any action that becomes a habit is impossible to get out of. Earth is ageing as the generations grow. Littering on the roads, using air conditioners, plastic bags from markets and production of single-use plastic – these are just a few of the many habits that are slowly but definitely destroying our world.

Small steps sometimes have great impacts. On that note, everyday habits like failing to take cloth to a nearby store to get addicted to using air conditioners are posing inevitable risks to the environment. The rate of mortality due to plastic use is increasing by 0.2% every year and the emission of Chlorofluorocarbons from air conditioners is a major contributor to global warming and eventually climate change.

There’s no big process that is happening behind the scenes, every action is having a reaction. Abnormal temperature fluctuations and a decrease in the population of marine and terrestrial ecosystems are the results of our lethargicness.

Let’s start simple – taking cloth bags to supermarkets, avoiding littering on the road, carrying your own water bottle, limiting the use of air conditioners. It’s going to be difficult to step out of our habits and take the extra mile to save the environment, but what has the proverb “something is better than nothing” taught us?

The future generation deserves a better place to live. The world has thrived for 4.5 billion years and it can survive 4.5 more, with a little effort from us. Small beginnings are the first steps to a bigger and better world. Regardless of how small it is, with determination and persistence. Simple things make a difference too. The man who wishes to move a mountain starts by picking smaller stones first. Let’s build a better world, together!

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