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Desire for sports

Sports do not build character. They reveal it. – John Wooden

It is indeed true that every athlete has suffered this lockdown

I am an athlete who hasn’t trained at all for the past one year. This did have a huge effect on my physique. I am no more as fit as I was before. My physique would cost me dearly when I resume athletics after the lockdown. Athletics has given me immense pleasure in life. Moreover, my exams never stopped me from training myself. Instead, I would insist myself to stay in the ground for longer hours during my exams, I did this to reduce my exam jitters. I didn’t prefer athletics until my grade 8 sports day. It was the first time I realised I had a chance to stand out among my classmates. This indeed helped me boost my self-confidence. I felt more courageous. Thus, the love for athletics crippled into my heart. It doesn’t matter if we are interested in sports, but sports will undoubtedly draw you closer if you give it a try.

And I’m confident that not only sportsmen, but cricket fanatics, football fanatics, and fanatics of all kinds of sport would have gone insane. Each sport has its own season that runs throughout the year. And everyone’s attention would be drawn to the screen to watch the tournament.

Sport is now viewed by many young people as something that necessitates excessive effort. It is easier for young folks to turn on the PC and watch a football match on the internet.

But, to be candid, simply watching the sport on screen isn’t enough. It is critical for every Indian citizen to participate in some form of sport. Similar to how education is important, athletics offers its own set of advantages.

Participating in organised sports allows young people to improve their physical and social abilities. Sports provide a welcome break from the humdrum of daily life for children. It also provides them with a source of enjoyment and physical activity. Sports assist them to develop their character while also providing them with energy and strength.

Sports foster a sense of camaraderie among children as well as a sense of belonging. They aid in the development of mental and physical toughness in children. It helps to mould their bodies, making them stronger and more active.

Children’s mental weariness is also reduced through participation in sports. Without sports, education is incomplete. Nowadays, sports are an important element of any school.

Thus, it is clearly proven that sports have more benefits than education, and in fact sports is a part of education currently.

On the other hand, though the importance of sports is clearly understood, how do we inculcate it in our lives amidst the lockdown?

If you’re looking for a means to reintroduce the excitement of watching sports on the internet, we can accomplish it by participating in them ourselves. We can participate in sports with our neighbours. As a result, we keep our physique while also enjoying the activity.


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