Photos bring happiness, lovable memories

When I think about the word ‘photo’, multiple memories gush around, which sometimes baffles my brain. We remember, sense and replay the happenings in our mind when we look at a photo. Photos bring happiness, lovable memories to cherish and recollect the moments in people’s thoughts. In this pandemic, when we look at old photos we are able to imagine that wonderful moment in our mind. Though our life changed a lot, we still have memories in the back of our brains.

Though there are many beautiful photos with me, there are 2 specific photos that are close to my heart. When I see those photos, automatically a smile sticks to my face and I will be so happy and cherish those beautiful memories in my mind.

The first one was taken by my grandpa (I love him a lot), my mom was holding me in her arms and my dad was beside her. I was 3and half years old. I was cuddling my mom as if she was a big teddy bear. Though it would look spectacular when I frame it I still love to keep it in a secret box. Though life moves on the memories of the photos will still be etched in my brain.

The second one, when I was holding the torch for my school during my Annual sport’s day. We, a group of four students, best of Kho-Kho team took turns and went around our playground and gave it to the chief guest to inaugurate the sport’s event. I felt honoured and proud. Happiness and joy filled my heart. These are my two memorable photos. Until now when I see them, happiness flourishes out of me. Do you have favourite photos or memories that mean a lot to you?


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