Emojis – Love? Hate?

Ever since Facebook and Whatsapp became a thing, we have all been pulled into texting each other more than actually speaking. Nowadays, people have become too lazy to even write. Instead, we all use emojis – fake smilies. We may not even actually be in the mood that the emoji depicts, but we still use them to punctuate our sentences.

Emojis can be unprofessional at times. I’m not saying emojis are bad and should be completely done away with, but I feel that they sort of mask our real thoughts. There’s nothing a few words written from the heart can’t express.

Of course, emojis can be proved to be useful to express feelings sometimes, but not always. Sometimes, words can prove to be far more effective than emojis. Writing down your thoughts can also improve creativity and vocabulary – something that emojis can never do.

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