I might miss a lot of now; yet I want the good days to be back

I have been waiting eagerly for corona to disappear and for schools to open. Though the online learning has had a different experience on all of us, we had to read, write and even learn only from home. Of course, I liked it very much and also enjoyed it. But, I feel going to school is better for everyone especially for the smaller classes (from Pre-Nursery to 4th grade), as it becomes too much screen time with classes and also TV. Sometimes I used to feel that my eyes are stressed and tired due to too much screen time. I go to dance and music classes which are also online in the ‘new-normal’.

Even if school opens, there are few things I will definitely miss few things as I may not be able to experience this again.

Online learning:

Online learning while in school is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me as I will be completing school in 2 years. But we all pray for no more illness and pandemics to attack the world. So we might not get this experience again!

Writing, learning and reading from home:

This year, due to the pandemic times, we all had to do many things from home. School, offices, colleges, play, classes….. everything was only from home. The main thing – studies was also from home. I will always cherish this experience forever (except the negative part as we should always think positive!).

Spending time with my mom, dad and grandma, as well as my friends:

My online classes always used to get over by 11 am, and so I used to finish my studies and homework by 4 pm. All my friends used to come to play by 4.30 pm and we would play till 8 pm. Once my school starts and the situation is going to be back to normal, I would come home only by 4.15 pm, and finish my studies by 7 pm. So, only on Sundays, I will be able to spend more time with my family and friends.

Playing with my toys and my pet cat:

When I feel bored and my family and friends are asleep, I play with my cat. But sometimes he too is asleep! Then what do I do? I have no option but to play with my toys. Sometimes if they are torn or broken, I act like a doctor and fix them!

As I mentioned, I also play with my cat. He is good at running and catching games. I run from him and he chases me and touches my leg, trying to tell “you’re caught!” and I too do the same thing to him! We have lots of fun together!


Cooking is one of my favourite activities! I love to cook! 😀 When my school starts, I only get weekends to cook. As I move to a higher class, I will have a lot to study and will have to concentrate on them!

Even if I am going to miss all these things, I pray for this virus to go and for all of us to live happily again!

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