kana cloth bags founders

Empowered mothers

On the New Year of 2019, the Tamil Nadu Government put a ban on single-use plastics. This opened new doors for the use of cloth, but also ended the careers of the plastic manufacturers.

Business people were not responsive to the ban. However, four mothers, Kalai, Arunthathi, Anitha and Nanditha knew that people were having a hard time getting cloth bags. They started a business to manufacture cloth bag. They named their business ‘Kana’, with the first letters of all the mothers.

The company, originally the brainchild of Kalai was started as a group to spread awareness. But as time progressed, the company executed orders through its Facebook Page. During the initial stages, it was word-of-mouth that helped the company survive. Four months after the ban, the company has started selling the bags online through Amazon, spreading their wings across the country.
For buying products from Kana Bags, visit https://www.facebook.com/kanaclothbags

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