The Write Track Season 2 Issue 1

The Write Track Season 2 : eBook Issue 1

The first issue of The Write Track Season 2 eBook is here!

To a call made to the contributors of this month-long writing project for creating eBook issues for four weeks, three young people in their 7th, 8th and 10th grade came forward to make this first issue of the season.

Daya Lakshmi, Samyuktha and Sthuthi worked remotely to design the pages, select the articles to go into the eBook and came out with this wonderful issue. They did not know each other, except that they knew that each of them was writing for The Write Track Season 2. And they worked continuously for five hours on a single day and came out with the final version of the eBook.

Here we are presenting the eBook for you!

ebook issue 1

Download The Write Track Season 2: eBook Issue 1 



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