Genie, grant my wishes!

Understanding Maths concepts with ease –

Maths is a tactical subject and the difficulty differs for everyone. Some may find it easy some may find it challenging. I find Maths challenging since I strive a lot to get the concepts. I always devote a lot of time to practicing Maths then only I will be able to grasp the concepts before the exam. So, understanding Maths concepts with ease would be phenomenal.

The ability to fly –

If I could ask for one superpower, it would definitely be the ability to fly. If I was able to fly, I would be able to minimize the usage of vehicles mitigating a small amount of air pollution. It would be more convenient to travel while seeing the magnificent world and nature below. Since many people access the roads below, it would be amazing to travel freely without anyone blocking your way in the sky excluding the birds that fly in the sky.

Having access to all cooking and baking recipes and their appliances –

I love to bake and cook since I get to try out sumptuous cravings to fill my own tummy. Cooking and baking intrigue me. We all use YouTube to browse the recipes and I always admire the exquisite kitchen and the products they use. Having all their products and aesthetics is equivalent to owning a dreamland!

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