If I were a fictional character that I like …

Children usually read stories. It could be a short story, novel, fairy tale or comics. Visualize what would happen if you are a character in a story that you like… Won’t that be amazing?

Yes, indeed. Luckily, I too have one! Let me tell you all about it.

Most children know the story about ‘Aladdin’. Can you take a guess of the character that I like? Needless to say, I like Genie, the blue man who comes out of the magical lamp. Nevertheless, don’t think that I would ever like to have a bald head and beard! Nor be a slave! I am a human, who will turn into a genie at times of need (same as Peter Parker who turns into Spider Man to rectify any problem).

“But, why am I fascinated with such a character? What will be the use of being that personality in real life?” By the way, I want to quote here that I like to serve people, a habit that I can proudly say my teachers have inculcated into many of my classmates. When I become a Genie, I will have the strength to do welfare for the people and I will use my superpower to help them by fulfilling their needs. I may also use my vigour to get the things that I require instantly.

How can I use the powers now? You may predict it easily. If I had known the occurrence of this fatal virus earlier, I would have stopped its spread! Even, if that were not possible, I would have used my superpower to create the necessities of the hour such as oxygen beds, vaccines, masks and every essential medical supply to stop the rapid spread not just in our country, but throughout the entire world.

Not limited to just the general good, I would use this virtue in my personal life too to enhance my skill sets such as singing, playing tennis or to become a scientist and what not. I can get whatever things that I demand. Because you know it! I will have all the powers at my fingertips.

Though interesting, there is a flip side to every fantasy. Life becomes boring if all the lines are straight and when everything is perfect. Anything that is obtained without efforts & hard work doesn’t give satisfaction. The fictional life in the real world will surely be amusing. Anything can be achieved with fictionality. But on the other hand, it is better to stick to reality. It is thought-provoking and helps to be non-idle. So, I would want to be a person who can create magic in others’ lives by means of strenuous efforts in helping them.

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