bottle genie

Make everything normal again, Genie!

If I ever found a genie, it would be in a bottle. I have never actually seen a lamp that a genie might be in. But if I did find one in a bottle, the wishes I ask will not be for me; It will be for the world.

In this case, my first wish would be for everything to be normal again.

Covid-19 has changed all of our lives forever and if only it never happened, I know many people would be extremely happy. India today is the second on the list of depression. 56% of young adults, teenagers, and kids are affected by depression in the world today. Most of it was caused by Covid. Even if it was over not everyone would be completely happy though.

My next wish is for people who have less than us. I wish for them to have a job and shelter. For kids: education. If they have a job they should be able to buy food and other basic needs for themselves and their families.

My third wish would be pollution reduction. More than less hopefully.

I don’t think I will be meeting a genie in a month or so but I sure do hope I find one soon enough!

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