High school science in an interesting nutshell

The Science Centre in Ramakrishna Mission Senior Secondary School on Dhandapani Street is hosting a continuous science display throughout the year. It is open from 10 a.m to 5 p.m on weekdays. Over the year, more than 7000 students from various schools have visited and benefitted from this exhibition.

RKM-exhibitionThe faculty explained concepts that are taught from 6th-10th std. in an easy-to-understand way. The energetic young instructors, who are students of the school, show some experiments and enlighten the visitors on various subjects. The Biology section has beautiful models of the human body systems on one side and plant experiments on the other side. The Chemistry section has models of the structure of the atom and many experiments are shown using lab apparatus including a chemical volcano that makes a mini-eruption inside the test tube. Physics has working models of the Earth’s revolution, lunar and solar eclipse and Newton’s three laws.

There are many activities in all the three rooms including looking in a microscope at plant cells, testing acids and bases with litmus paper, observing divergence of light by a prism and playing a game by looking at a mirror. There are innovative projects by the students themselves to prove various properties.

The exhibition is open to all and no entrance fee is charged. You can suggest making this trip to your school authorities as the Centre prefers explaining to a group of people. It is enriching and entertaining worth a visit to rekindle your scientific curiosity.

Contact 98403 00362 or email to rkm.science.centre@gmail.com to plan your group visits.

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