I like to write …

I like to write because it gives me a deeper understanding of my own feelings and thoughts. It irons out all the ideas that are bouncing around in my head and gives me a place to express my true self.

I like writing fantasy-fiction, because anything goes. You could have an extra hand to scratch your back, cure diseases with a flick of a wand, or control oceans with your mind. It gives me a platform to think about my most absurd ideas and helps me develop my imagination.

I like writing songs because I come from a very musical family. So I come up with simple melodies and a few lyrics to go along with them. Sometimes I even practice the chords on our piano. I also enjoy writing poems, mostly because of the nuances of rhyming and playing with syllables.

Writing takes me to another world, a world that is silly and illogical, but still rich with stories that portray who I am as a writer. No matter how many books have been written, there is always something to say. There’s always something that will be unique to you in your writing.

I write because there are always words to be written into being, stories to be told, and characters to be created.


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