Learning to eat healthy from school

Students of class VI A of Sunshine Chennai Senior secondary school organised a healthy food fest on June 28, 2012, to highlight the benefits of healthy food.

The class was divided into groups who made sprouts, lemonade, fruit salad, vegetable sandwich, nuts and spices and butter milk. All the items were nutrient food cooked without fire. The ingredients were brought by the students and preparation was done on the spot.

This fest was conducted mainly to increase the team spirit among the students .  The sub group was divided in such a way that some of them were involved in explaining the nutritive value of the food, the rest in serving the sumptuous preparation.

The correspondent Ms. Ezhilarasi and  principal of the school Ms. Lakshmi were invited as special guests to taste and give feedback on the preparation. They were very happy to see large participation by this enthusiastic class. They recommended many more such events, so that students get ample opportunity to gel together and perform as a team at the same time learn about new things.

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