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Masks may be uncomfortable, but wear it for your own safety

Social distancing, wearing masks, washing our hands, sanitising often; are important precautionary measures that we must follow to prevent COVID from affecting us. However, sometimes we fail to follow all of these simple precautions due to excitement, joy or carelessness.

Many patients with significant respiratory issues are not able to wear masks as they have a big problem while breathing. Sometimes normal people are also facing difficulties while wearing double masks. People feel pain around their ears and around their neck due to the tight grip of their masks. Occasionally people who wear double masks may get rashes in their faces too. The masks we are wearing muffle our voices and can make communication frustrating. This is true for everyone right now, but especially for people with hearing complications.

People tend to forget to take precautions like social distancing when they get excited while they meet their relatives and friends after a very long time. All of the above-listed issues and problems can stop us from taking precautions completely but we have no other way to prevent COVID. As a result, we must do the best while taking precautions.

Though we face many issues like these our life and our family members’ lives are more important, so it doesn’t matter if we adjust to these secondary problems. We must learn how to adjust and adapt to these tough times.

In the future when COVID cases decrease, it doesn’t mean we can immediately stop taking precautions. We have to continue until the end.

We as humans can fight against COVID if we coordinate work together and never give up.


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