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My summertime favourites

Summer holidays are always the most fun times of the year. But with the lockdown and the new, more fatal COVID strain, this is not the case. We are now confined to our homes and can’t really do much. But, there are still plenty of fun things we can do. Here are some:

1. Tie-dye

It’s great fun to paint a picture. But what about something more tangible, like a T-Shirt? Tie-dyeing is pretty simple, and fun too! There are many patterns you can make – spirals, stripes, and literally anything that comes to your mind!

2. A Movie Night

Obviously, stepping out of our homes is not an option right now. However, there are many other ways you can have a movie night with your friends. Perhaps you could organize an online meeting, screen share the movie, and enjoy it together! This is, of course, just one way, among countless others. This is a great way to pass time during the holidays, and keep the fun intact!

3. Fly A Kite

When the sun is slightly lower in the sky in the evening, and there is plenty of wind, it’s a great time to fly your kite. It’s a nice skill to learn and a great hobby too. It might be difficult at first, but practice makes perfect, right?

4. Play Board Games

While this is way healthier than online video games, a board game can also sharpen your mind. There are plenty of board games available like Mastermind, Chess, Ludo, Monopoly, Life, and many more that are really worth playing.

5. Karaoke Nights

Switch on the karaoke and start singing your favorite song. The fun part is, you don’t need to be a great singer for this. It’s also a great stress reliever, and can also be really entertaining. A family karaoke night is always the best way to unwind at night.

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