red-eyed monster

The dreadful nightmare

When I woke up, the first thing I noticed was that I wasn’t in my house. I blinked and looked around me. The room did not look familiar to me. The room was small with two windows beside me. The front window looked onto a huge open space that seemed never-ending. I looked at the ceiling and saw a dark pipe curving its way through the ceiling. I rubbed my eyes pondering where I am. I put my legs on to the faded crimson rug which covered the tiled floor. ‘Hello,’ I stuttered. No answer. I called again this time much louder and more clearly. Still no answer. When I touched the brass knob to open the red door, I felt the chill wind rushing through me.

For a moment I was rooted to the spot. Without thinking further l pushed open the door. I saw a long corridor and towards the end of the corridor, I saw a green door. ‘Where am I ?’ this thought kept buzzing in my mind which made my brain baffle. Then I saw a humongous shadow creeping against the naked walls. With each step, it came closer to me.

I trembled like a leaf in the storm. The figure started chasing me. I dashed as fast as I can. Then I turned to see if the figure was still chasing me; I saw a gigantic 3 headed squid-like creature, it waddled as fast as it can with its purple tongue lolling out. It screeched. All of a sudden the lights went out. I was able to see a chink of blue light coming from the red door’s keyhole. The monster’s red eyes dazzled in the darkness. I saw it opening its mouth filled with a ton of sharp teeth. I couldn’t escape. The creature huffed black ink which diffused in the air. It smelt like rotten meat. There was no difference between closing and opening my eyes. Everything faded and I heard a familiar voice call.

‘WAKE UP ITS 10 AM’ I heard my mom scream. I jerked and opened my eyes. Realisation crashed over me. It was a nightmare and I was running late to my online drawing class which starts in another 30 minutes. I let a sigh of relief that my nightmare was not true. You must have realised what happened next, I was bolting down the stairs and hopped into the bathroom as I bombarded on my dad. ‘Sorry’ I said. I brushed gulped my breakfast and was off to class.

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