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My very own holiday

If I were to create any holiday, I would make a holiday that helps get rid of most deforestation. Today deforestation is causing a lot of trouble on Earth. From Global Warming to human health deforestation can be the cause of it all.

My holiday would be called Deploying Deforestation Day. How you can help in my hypothetical holiday is by planting a tree or plant. Trees provide oxygen which we all know we need right now. Also, you can help by conserving water. You can do that by brushing with the tap off, or you can be careful when using water by turning the tap on less. The more water you save means the more water in oceans and the more in oceans is more to trees.

Now, this might be the most popular way to save the Earth but also the most important. Buy and use less plastic. Plastic is always very useful and necessary but not safe for the planet. Now I understand you cannot ban plastic completely but did you there are types of plastic? On the bottom or side of any plastic product, there is a number inside a recycling sign. The lower the number is, the thicker the plastic. If you mainly use plastic with a higher number and use less of it. Plastic is kind of okay. Deforestation has been at its peak and remember, this doesn’t have to be a real holiday for you to help.

WWF or World-Wide Funds for nature states that two-thirds of deforestation takes place in the tropics or subtropics. From 2004 – 2017 deforestation around that area has been 43 million hectares or roughly the size of Morocco. The main reason for deforestation is agriculture. The growing population needs more food which requires more farming which of course needs more farmland. Help more trees and most likely you will live a longer and more joyful life.

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