pasta dinner

A dream dinner

If I could have dinner with any three people it would be with people who have…

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bottle genie

Make everything normal again, Genie!

If I ever found a genie, it would be in a bottle. I have never actually…

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dream jet

I woke up to see myself on a private jet

When I woke up, the first thing I noticed was I wasn’t in my house! In…

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tree planting

My very own holiday

If I were to create any holiday, I would make a holiday that helps get rid…

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Oh, my flower friends!

Vast pink shoe with imprints Dandy! They think you’re a weed They do? Rose I…thank you.…

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Power to have many responsibilities

With great power comes great responsibilities. Said Uncle Ben from Superman. If I had the power…

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smiley balls

Happiness is always free!

The best things in life are definitely free. The best thing in life is happiness. When…

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Honesty board

What makes a person nice?

The only guidelines I have for a person to be a nice person is… 1. HONESTY…

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mobile phone shopping

Photos that smile

I like to take photos on my mobile phone, that you will smile at them later…

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