Oxygen generator – need of the hour

It took something smaller than the size of an ant to take over the world; a virus. Today, this appalling disease has taken millions of lives, leaving families bereaved, children orphaned and chaos across the globe. Health has never been of importance as it is now. If I could invent something to make the world a better place, I would invent an oxygen generator.

This machine would possess the ability to use solar energy and produce refined oxygen, that could be used anywhere – from hospitals to aeroplanes to steel factories. Through this scientific miracle, endless opportunities will be available to the people. In these testing times, deficiency of oxygen in India and other countries will not be a problem. The oxygen generator could possibly save dying patients.

The production of additional oxygen could help reverse the negative effects of air pollution, helping humans and the flora and fauna to flourish. It would also help the aquatic to thrive. With the increased quantity of oxygen in the atmosphere, the general immunity levels of the people increase steadily.

Oxygen also plays a major role in aerodynamics. The invention would definitely enable planes to fly higher and farther and eventually improve the mileage of automobile engines. A study also reveals that a greater amount of oxygen boosts the evolution process. Thus, we could become smarter and happier, and get to see a variety of new, stronger animals too!

Therefore, to make this world a better place, I would invent an oxygen generator, that is not only beneficial for the environment, but for the entirety of the planet. The invention could probably make the Earth more hospitable, with cooler climates and high humidity, eliminating our need to search for another habitable planet, saving both time and resources.

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