Power to have many responsibilities

With great power comes great responsibilities. Said Uncle Ben from Superman. If I had the power I wanted, it would definitely be a power that gives me a lot of responsibilities. It would be precognition. By being able to tell the future, I would have been able to tell everyone to be careful before covid was at large. I would also be able to tell if my dream came true but I would prefer not to do that. I would not like to know if my dream comes true because I believe you can change your fate. If I knew my dream will come true I will become over-confident and stop working for it. If fate can be changed then that will crush my dreams. It would also crush my dreams if I knew it would not come true. Some things are meant to be like presents; opening them when you need to.

I would be prepared for whatever hurdle that I would have to cross. My mind would be tamed. My emotions ready for what will happen. I believe that precognitions will help me to succeed but it will also bring people down and hard. How we will perish will definitely bother us till our end. Also, knowing dangers that threaten us will definitely harm us. We might be too over-protective of ourselves and others or too less. Either way, this would be dangerous. This power is a great power and I would love to have and use it but as long as I do not use it on myself!

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