Premium study lounge for students

Square Feet Cafe in Krishnama Road, Nungambakkam is a premium study lounge for students and young adults to work and eat in a peaceful and cosy environment.

The main concept of Square Feet is to eat, work and play. A young couple T. Favvaz Ahmed and P. Sahla Maryam, who could understand the constraints of a college student, where they have to run all over the city just to finish one assignment, started this lounge. Generally, students find it hard to meet their group members in various locations and get their projects printed as well. Favvaz and Sahla wanted to make it easy for them to finish their project in one place rather than scouting to ten others.

Square Feet has accommodations for group discussions, individual study spaces, printer, food, WiFi, among other facilities. It even has a ping pong table for entertainment or matches. To enter, do you need to pay? Yes, Rs.100 for an hour of free and unlimited amount of tea and coffee and you can study or work in peace.

Square Feet is open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. The weekends are mostly booked for events.

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