screenfree time

Set screentime limits

Imagine this scene. It’s eight in the night, and instead of spending quality family time, you surf the internet. From one page to another.

Finally, once you’ve come out of your trance, you look up at the clock, and it’s been an hour!

This situation is normal in almost every household. Using smartphones is not wrong, but it can be brain numbing if not used for the right things. The person-to-person interaction has just vanished in the last five years. We all use chatting applications like Whatsapp and Facebook nowadays. It’s all fake emojis instead of genuine feelings, and fake smiles instead of real ones.

Children now look at their screens all day, rather than going out there and discovering and learning new things. Video games have replaced actual sports, and online encyclopedias have replaced books.

The screen also emits harmful UV radiation, and can greatly affect eyesight. While technology cannot be totally cut out, it can be controlled. Screen time limits can be set, and families can adopt a policy of digital sunset after a certain time, say six in the evening. But if not, technology can consume us all. As the saying goes, “Technology is a useful servant, but a dangerous master.”

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