deeksha with records and medals

Six-year-old Deeksha sets multiple records

Winning her first medal at the age of three, B. Deeksha has set the records in the India Book of Records and the Asia Book of Records.

Every child develops talent. Children sing, dance, draw, paint, recite stories and many more of their own kind in which they are interested.

Deeksha of age 6, daughter of Balachander and Meghala Devi, is also a kid who has developed her own talent in drawing, coloring, painting, dancing and reciting Thirukkural verses. She’s also learning Bharatanatyam from the age of 4, as an extra- curricular activity.

To date, she has received seven trophies, 17 medals, and a total of 43 certificates. She has set a record in the India Book of Records, as the first kid of six years old, to get a number of medals and trophies for drawing and coloring. And in Asia book of records, for reciting 15 Thirukkural in the age of four.

She is also standing as a class topper in her school, Acharya Bala Shikshya Mandir. “She has never been to any of the art classes to learn and excel in drawing and painting. But, she does this very well. I have always been motivating her in everything she does,” says her mother with pride.

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