The Write Track

The Write Track – Writing every day on prompts

How about writing every day – be it ten lines or a long 500 words piece?
Shall we have a writing prompt every day and just keep writing? But, let’s try and make it newsy too! We can talk to people, we can read the news in print, online or watch TV and just listen to others narrating and just write on our prompts. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Starting the prompts from June 1, 2020.

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June 17, 2020

1. Local administration and pandemic
Managing a larger area is challenging. But if the job is split into smaller parts and distributed among the caretakers, it could have better results. How can the local administrators, such as MLA or a Ward Councillor control the spread of COVID? What are those small steps that can be taken within the local area?

2. How do you react when provoked?
We all face situations like – someone teasing us, passes a rude comment or just ignores deliberately. Would you be worried? Would you seek the help of parents or teachers or friends? Or just let it pass using humour to ease the situation?

3. Tell us the story behind your name!
Have you asked your parents the reason behind your name? Try and find out, why did they give you this name. And share how does the name inspire you.

June 16, 2020

1. Artists and Entertainers. How important they are at this time?
We know that the frontline warriors – doctors, healthcare, sanitary service people, police – are working hard at this time. There are also workers in industries who are partially working to keep the country going. But there are also artists and entertainers of whom we watch and enjoy on TV, apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime … How do you think they contribute to the mental health of people now?

2. Parties, functions and festivals. Miss them?
Do you think that all parties and family functions resume as they used to be in the pre-virus days? Or are you okay without them?

3. A crazy dream I wish to come true!
Tell us about a funny or crazy dream that you wish to be real.

June 15, 2020

1. Nature in revival mode
With the lockdown, we read that pollution has considerably reduced. The heat and carbon dioxide emitting from vehicles that were causing the atmosphere filled with chemical particles have considerably toned down. Birds have started freely flying around. What do you think we need to do, to continue such ease on nature?

2. Who do you turn to when you feel unhappy?
There are times when things do not happen the way you expected or when the scores are not the ones you wanted, when a friend walks out… We feel unhappy but we need to move on. Who do you look up to and get over the mood quickly? Parents? Grandparents? Another friend? Or you just keep it with you!

3. The virus has disappeared!
Imagine the virus has just disappeared and everything is open and we are free. What would be your first reaction? Where would you go to in the first place? What would you buy? Who would you visit?

June 14, 2020

1. Moving is necessary, How do people cope-up with it?
Many people in essential services need to be going out at this time. Talk to a banker or a government employee or a person who voluntarily helps lesser-privileged people. Write about their first-hand experience.

2. Lockdown read
Tell us about the book you read during this long holiday like a marathon, without having the heart to keep it down. Say, what was interesting about the book.

3. Become a photojournalist
Take a picture. Kids on a bike around your home, colourful food on a plate, rain clouds, a flower in your home garden, artwork you have done, your pet, the bookrack you have organised … Just anything you think will tell a story and write them in 10 lines.

June 13, 2020

1. The real COVID warriors
The helpers who clean spaces around us and keep us free from pollution are among COVID warriors in various other fields like health workers, doctors, police and service providers. Take time to talk to a person who cleans your apartment complex or the road you live in and bring out their understanding of the disease and how they cope up with work.

2. Bullying in school over skin colour. Is this on even now?
Many people have taken part in protests across many countries in the world to get their voices heard about racism, following George Floyd, a black person’s death in the US. Do you have an experience of such a thing happening to you or your friends? How do you react to this?

3. A virtual trip to your school
Many of you have not been going to school from the last week of March 2020. It is almost three months and you would have never had such a long holiday season in your school years so far. Let’s see if you remember your school! Do a virtual trip across your school, starting from the entrance, to the classroom, playground, a-v room, library ….

June 12, 2020

1. Taking care with new normal routine
How have we adapted to the new normal! Talk to people, friends and friends parents and share the experience of how they have modified their daily routines, where do they source masks, how do they clean or sanitize stuff they bring from outside! Quote them in the report.

2. Is writing by hand exciting or typing on an electronic device?
It is an experience when we graduate from pencils to pens. But the digital world demands typing and texting on electronic devices. What is more exciting for you now? Say it!

3. Change the logo!
Do you look at the logos and emblems of popular brands? Cars, biscuits, chocolate companies, schools, businesses all have their own logos. If you are offered to change a logo, which one would you choose and to what would you change? Share your views on the old and new logo you would make.

June 11, 2020

1. Change of place names. Yes or No?
Yesterday, late at night, Tamil Nadu changed the names of 1018 places to go with the spellings as they are pronounced. Here is the list —
Is changing names necessary? How we have taken the changed named in the past?
Write away your views – be it serious, or funny. Do a freewheeling!

2. Walking, workout and at-home stretch out during the tough times.
Are we unable to move much inside home? How do we or should we make our muscles and bones shake and keep them active. Any help from your known sources? From seniors at home or online or peers.

3. Imagine you are a mom or dad of a pre-school child who has online classes now. Is it fun or just ordeal?
Again, try writing a serious or fun piece.

You may also attempt more than one prompts a day. That would help you switch your mind quickly from one view to the other. Try!

June 10, 2020

Let’s take a break today!
But, do take time to read many of your writings online here –

And don’t forget to leave your comments at the end of the articles. Peer reading always is a feel-good factor and you can encourage each other!

June 9, 2020

1. Restaurants: Dine-in or take away?
Now that the restaurants are open since June 8, 2010. how are the hotels taking care of disinfection and safety of the diners? What do you think is better – dine-in or take away? Why?

2. What are the best things in life and are they free?
All that you feel that are the best things come for money? How do you value them even when they are free?

3. What roles did the toys and dolls play in your childhood?
You are still a child. But dolls and toys were part of your life even when you were in cradle. Do they still attract? What is your favourite toy or doll? What is your experience of playing with them alone or with siblings or with friends?

June 8, 2020

1. Schools open online. How do students and teachers cope up with technology?
How does the attendance work in these classes? Could you speak with your friends on how do they manage their bandwidth, video and audio devices? How is the homework being given? Are there any easy art and craft classes in between?

2. What makes a person nice?
A straightforward question. There are many answers to it. Say it from your experience.

3. If only there were no exams throughout our learning years!
Ha! How we wish! Also, do explore, what could be the elimination or filtering process if there were no exams.

June 7, 2020

Sunday Fun day – just one prompt!

Write in your magical book!
A package is delivered to your door, with your name on it. Inside there’s a magical book. Everything you write in it comes true. What do you write?


June 6, 2020

Easy Saturday
1. How good a friend are you?
2. Your most memorable party and why is it so!
3. What kind of photos do you love to click on the mobile phone?


June 5, 2020

1. Watching a plant grow
Have you been observing any plant that grew in the past month? Now that you have been home, did you plant anything in the pot or your garden these days and watched it grow? Did you or a family member take care of it? How did they do it, how did you enjoy watching it grow? Share with the readers.

2. Sealed, branded Water bottles. Boon or bane?
Researchers say that plastic water bottles don’t begin composting for 700 years. That means if water bottles were in existence in the 1300s and someone threw one out, it would only start composting now. Does reading something like this make you think twice before buying water bottles, or does the convenience for people outweigh the environmental impact? What do you think we should do while thinking of buying water bottles?

3. Recycled art – a picture and how-to instruction
Did you make anything out of waste in the recent days? How did you make it? Write a step-by-step instruction and do attach a picture of it!


June 4, 2020

1. The characters that make your neighbourhood interesting (Newsy)
Each area or neighbourhood has its own characters – be it a park, a favourite restaurant, a market or a walkway / bicycle path, street-side shops. So what are the specials in your area?

2. My diary of this long holiday season (Personal Experience)
The unexpected ‘holiday’ has given us a lot of time to explore things about us, our family, friends and hobbies. Did you make a diary of all that you did during this time? Or can you recollect what did you do for which you could not find time to do when you had a regular school day?

3. Are Cartoon characters fun, redundant and boring? (Fun)
We read and watch cartoon mostly as a time pass. Are characters in the cartoons interesting? Are they repetitive? How you do like them in the long run?


June 3, 2020

1. Physical distancing: how do you see it being implemented in your neighbourhood? (Newsy)
We have been given many Standard Operating Procedures (SPOs) during this crisis. We see many people following them and also some taking it easy. Do you see folks around your neighbourhood walking, riding, driving follow these? Could you speak with the one who is practising the distancing and other justifying their not practising?

2. Have you switched to remote learning in academics or extra-curricular classes and hobbies? How is it going? (Personal experience)
Some schools have begun their classes online already. Are you one such student going to digital classrooms? For some of us even if schools haven’t started remote teaching, the hobby classes are online. Share your experience – pluses and minuses!

3. Full time at home with parents! Fun? Or…? (Fun)
Now that you are home, your parents are home, it is full time with parents around. Too much fun or too many restrictions? Say it!


June 2, 2020

1. Transport trauma. (Newsy)
People haven’t been moving for months now. The regular transport operators – autos, taxis and those who ferry children to school are all out of jobs. Also, the materials are not moving. But essential services like milk were transported and distributed. Think of men & materials that were moving and that not moving. Talk to a friendly auto driver or a milk vendor and plug in their byte.

2. My main sources of news and how I trust them (Personal Experience)
We need to keep up with what happens every day around us. It is more necessary when we need to follow certain rules of what to do and what not to. What is/are your sources of news during this pandemic time? Newspapers? TV? Online media/social media? How dependable are they for crucial information?

3. What do the objects in your room/home say about you? (Fun!)
Look around your home and choose three to five objects. For each object, introduce what it is and share why do you have them in your room, why it is meaningful or what it could reveal about you to your friends who come to your room/home?


June 1, 2020

1. Unlock 1.0. The reopenings begin. (Newsy)
Tips: Start with a few lines of the history of lockdown and move on to recent relaxations. Talk to a family member or a close relative/teacher/friend for an experience of the lockdown and what they will go easy on when things are open now. Quote them giving their names, ages and /or occupation. Also, include a thing that has not opened yet, which they were eagerly looking forward to.

2. My school calendar that went blank suddenly ( Personal Experience)
Your go-to reference for holidays, exams and anything you note down for homework or project must have been your school calendar or diary. When the school closed early and the unscheduled holidays began, the dates of exams and holidays mentioned there ceased to have any meaning. The notes pages must have gone blank. Write an experiential piece on how it felt to look at the calendar and what thoughts ran in your mind.

3. Write about feeling stuck about what to write or where to begin? (Fun!)
It happens to us many times. Imagine you have a solid story to tell, but do not know how and where to begin. Also, there are times when you do not have any idea but want to write something out of the blue. Write now.

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