Penguin toy

Toys. We always want more.

Toys give us the first experience of the world out there, in a miniature form. Cars…

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smiley balls

Happiness is always free!

The best things in life are definitely free. The best thing in life is happiness. When…

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Honesty board

What makes a person nice?

The only guidelines I have for a person to be a nice person is… 1. HONESTY…

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Sky in June

My heart opens to the dusk sky

After a tiresome day, the rest is left with happiness, or sadness, work pressure, stress, and…

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coffee photo

Catching food on camera

Food looks colourful. It looks good when photographed. The close-ups look still more wonderful. When there…

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mobile phone shopping

Photos that smile

I like to take photos on my mobile phone, that you will smile at them later…

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plastic water bottle

Plastic water bottles. Boon or bane?

Plastic water bottles are very useful. When you are going out and forget or lose your…

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inside home

My home says about who I am!

It is really easy to know about someone based on the objects that you see around…

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What news channel should I choose? There are so many…

One casual evening, you have just finished an online spreadsheet, and you hear a small bell…

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