Penguin toy

Toys. We always want more.

Toys give us the first experience of the world out there, in a miniature form. Cars and trucks amaze and aspire us to build and drive them when we become big. Dolls, listening to our endless stories and chatter, bring out the story-teller in us. Toys introduce us to colours and characters. They give us a sense of creating our own little world. They were our friends and all-time companions. Every one of us would have had a teddy/ doll by our side in the bed. But no matter how many toys we had, we always wanted more and more.

Apart from the playing aspect, toys help in developing speech and improving cognitive ability. Toys like building blocks stimulate creativity and problem-solving abilities. As we carry them around everywhere, we are keen on keeping them safe which in turn imparts a sense of responsibility.

As a single child, toys played a major role in my life. I always carried a teddy bear and penguin with me. I used to take them everywhere, to sleep, to read, to even water the plants. I used to make a tent-like-house arranging all the little chairs and bed sheets that lied around. I have a vivid memory of playing with those two toys inside that house tent. I still have them safe as a cherishable remnant of my childhood 🙂

4 thoughts on “Toys. We always want more.

  1. Spot on for all when we were kids. Also works when we want one to remind us of a lost one. Would really appreciate where I can buy the exact penguin toy from. You may reply me by email, please. Many thanks!

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