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Writer’s block, we have all been there

I started writing from when I was in 9th standard in school. I started from poems, continued with articles, blogs, reports, book reviews and went on to scribble whatever came my way. I always aspire to explore all forms of writing. Being a blogger for five years, I still face this writer’s block from time to time. Even now, when I am typing out this piece, I am bereft of words. For me, writer’s block is not something like I am running out of words, but simply about I can’t pull the right ones now.

I would be in a writing spree. But all of a sudden, my blogs/articles would seem to lack the soul. I would have come to a screeching stop. But I won’t give up right there. I would take a break, get back to books and try again. Sometimes, I have been hard on myself for that. But it just didn’t help. I started to experiment and try penning whatever comes to my mind without any prejudices. I think that’s where we go wrong. We keep judging every word we write. We keep thinking of something better, better- either words or ideas, wasting the best we have. Too high self-standards. Maybe it might not be ‘better’, but it’s not ‘bad’. At least, that was in my case.

As a result of my experimenting, I have many columns started in my blog like Sunday night tryst- an attempt to write on every Sunday. I write what I feel and not what I want. It’s like free drawing, going with the flow with no criticism. Within a few weeks, I would feel better and something would pop up in the middle of the week. Say Thursday and a new column is born as ‘A Thursday Twist’. I have a column for each writer’s block- they just end when my block is clear. But the experiment is endless. Sometimes, I feel its good to see a dead end so that you can try new routes.

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