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Revolution launch in Chennai

Chetan Bhagat, the investment banker turned bestselling author, read out a few lines in Tamil, with his own Punjabi accent- while he addressed the 700 people, all assembled in the atrium of  Chennai City Centre, for the launch of his recent bestseller »

Toys for fun learning

Haven’t you wished you had a new toy everyday to play with?
But what to do with them when you outgrow? Or when you get bored of them?

Well, if this thought puts you off and makes you settle down with repeat »

Footpath – dumpyard

It is very natural that children get exhausted after a tiring eight hours of action in school.

From studying to playing to talking and with all the extracurricular activities, one is expected to be tired, be sweated and exhausted. That is why »

Did your parents vote?

The local body elections were held on the Oct. 17 and 19, 2011 all over Tamil Nadu.
And for this reason the days were given either as a day off or a half day so that the citizens can do their bit »

Leading the young for a cause

Want to become spiritually fit? Here is a splendid place to check out which not only makes you  mentally strong but also does not pinch your pockets.

Generally many parents focus in their child being academically and physically strong. But how about »

Flowers add colour to the temple kolu

A walk around the Kapaleeswarar Temple Tank in Mylapore revealed rows and rows of colourful and bright dolls being sold with vigour and enthusiasm to the ever increasing number of curious buyers. Yes, the Navarathri celebrations were in full swing in Mylapore »

The ‘Out of the box’ Golu

When we think Golu the first thing that comes to our minds is getting dressed in those awfully hot and sticky silks and going to someone’s house or inviting people over to see a bunch of dolls arranged neatly on steps depicting »

Tracing the treasures

Going around Chennai can be fun. How is it when you trace the trails online and find a treasure every day to reach the grand treasure on the finale?

Ask the teams that participated in the online Treasure Hunt hosted by ThinkTops »

Poor waste management

Chennai is believed to be a clean city, perhaps cleaner than metros like Mumbai, Delhi, and other cities and places  like Bangalore, Punjab, Gujarat, and more.
Waste disposalBut in reality, how clean is Chennai? Because, the cleanliness of a place just doesn’t depend »