‘One’ of its kind

One. What’s one? Is it a book? Is it a drama? No. It is a kutcheri-like film. It’s a kind of classical music concert that has been put up on the big... Read more »

Joy of Giving Week celebrated at Gummidipoondi

HI-Tech families celebrated Joy of Gift Giving Week) in the Panchayat Union Primary Schools through their CSR initiatives of SKI Hi Tech Carbon Ltd. The employees with their family were invited to... Read more »

Navaratri on the fringes of the city

On the 9th day of Durga Pooja, residents of HI-Tech Township assembled in the temple for Hawan between 3.30p.m. and 6.00p.m. and again at 7.30p.m. Dandiya dance was performed in a grand... Read more »

Navarathri at Nandalala temple, Mylapore

The devotees of Nandala Temple were enthusiastically waiting for the Navarathri golu inaugural ceremony on Sep. 25, 2014. They invited the Chief Guest Mrs. Vanathi Srinivasan general secretary of BJP and a senior advocate... Read more »

Conference held to bring NGOs together

Non-governmental organizations usually carry a lot of energy and persistently look for ways to resolve issues faced by society. When 26 of these organizations meet up and the atmosphere is bubbling with... Read more »

Golu gala at Vivekananda Kendra

Navarathri or golu in colloquial terms is far more than simply arranging of mud-dolls in a stand, visiting others’ houses, receiving and giving of gifts which are done for the sake of... Read more »

Tracing the Emden

We hear people referring someone in Tamil as, “Avan periya Emden!” But do you know who the Emden is? It is a German cruiser which attacked Madras on Sep. 22, 1914, during... Read more »

Informative Green Efforts

A personal account by Benita Georgina Mary J, student reporter who visited the Green Bazaar.

I cherish every moment of my visit to the Green Bazaar on Sep. 7, 2014. I could get... Read more »

Agatha Christie at the Museum Theatre

The oldest English theatre group in India, the Madras Players presented a play based on Agatha Christie’s popular novel, And Then There Were None, directed by its youngest director, Tanvi Patel. This... Read more »