Harry Potter book

A Book Character I Would Like To Meet

If ever luck favours me and gives me a chance to meet a book character, I would choose to meet Harry Potter (a character created by J.K Rowling).

The reason I chose him is pretty unique, though sometimes it makes me laugh at myself. The main reason I would choose to meet Harry Potter is that he possesses talismanic powers. Indubitably, none in the world can perform magic as he does. If I get a chance to meet him, I am sure I would not restrain myself from asking him to teach me a few spells and charms. These spells would truly be helpful in my life and would make living it easier. With all those spectacular spells, I would enhance the power of my brain and have an Intelligence Quotient greater than Einstein’s. It does make my nerves jump when I think about stealing Harry Potter’s wand from him. I know it is wrong, but I think nobody in this world would be able to resist the temptation to steal that wand; so it justifies my actions.

I would not miss the opportunity to ask Harry Potter to teach me how to ride a broom. After all, riding a broom is more efficient and eco-friendly as compared to the usage of automobiles for commuting: no fuel or money wasted in addition to zero pollution. You just have to take a broom from your closet and fly wherever you wish to!
Ah! What would life be like if I were a wizard-like Harry Potter! I would summon the most luxurious and priceless items with my wand and live the life of a multimillionaire. My parents would not have to worry about dropping me to school each day because I would be flying to school on my broom. Plus, no driving license or any such sort of legal identifications would be required! Ha! I can’t stop thinking about it.

I would have no heavy school bags as I would summon all my books with my wand when required. For my security and safety, as I would become a celebrity by then, I would make use of magic and summon a porcupine, to protect me. It shall be my closest companion as well as my bodyguard. So if anyone dares to harm me, beware! There is a porcupine by my side!

I guess I would not be too selfish after all. I would create the food machine using my wand that no scientist has ever been able to invent. This machine will have the incredible capability to produce unlimited potable water as well as all kinds of food, with a simple touch of a button. This would make sure that food security is ensured at all times, and I think that my machine may even be the solution to most of the humanitarian crises all across the globe.

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