gift painting

Boredom buster gift

Here is something who is active and keeps busting the boredom during the period of lockdown,…

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House glass painting

A home where staying in is pleasant

Staying home is boring? Not in this colourful home. A glass painting by Akshath Tejj Sekar

terrace garden

Earth Day Report: Love for a Greener Earth

During this lockdown period, my family has been in one place for quite some time now.…

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growing plant

Earth Day Report – My experience of watching a plant grow

My holidays were spent nurturing the growth of a plant, as a part of the school…

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home silhouette painting

Home, safe home!

When everyone across the world feels safe to be home, this silhouette of a home in…

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A Cloud’s Story – a poem

The veil that shrouds the sun, Floats boastfully through the sky, With nothing but its own…

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cardboard train

No lockdown for this train

The national lockdown has put all the passenger trains in the sheds. But the goods trains…

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Elephant stables Hampi

Unlocking history online

Everybody is locked up and bored as you can’t play with your friends and can’t go…

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The Caged Bird – a poem

Hey man! Don’t you see? I am caged, please set me free! Oh stop flashing that…

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