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My nightmare of nightmares (Poem)

It was my most fearful experience,
It had left me in a trance.
All my nightmares had come in one dream,
And believe me, so realistic did they seem!
The black, hairy spiders climbing up to me,
The staircase that led to the attic, very eerie!
In the dark attic, there was the toy I most feared,
The box from which the springy clown appeared.
And how can I forget that huge grandfather clock?
Every night at twelve, it loudly goes tick-tock.
Even my cat in the dark seems so frightening,
I get chills at night seeing its’ glassy eyes brightening!
All the spooky monsters of comics I have ever read,
Came crawling straight up to my bed.
When I awoke, I wanted to scream and weep,
My fears had tortured me even in my sleep.
Truly I would never in my life forget this nightmare,
To open my eyes at night, I would not dare!


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