domestic biogas

Campaign for energy saving

Campaigns have certainly been one of the most powerful tools to educate and empower. If I…

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hex colour

Colour, colour, what colour?

The colour when you wake up in the morning and see the sun shining on the…

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An extra break between classes helps

Schools are the place for learning new things both non-academic and academic. Focusing on the academic…

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Handling criticism

Rising Above Criticism and Nurturing Self-Confidence

In the contemporary world, we have to deal with a lot of criticism as everybody freely…

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Review: Vaathi – a positive change in the corrupt education system

There are several movies that are getting released each year and some of them gain a…

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waste seggregation

Change in everyday habits helps our environment

Though many citizens are becoming eco-conscious as they switch to battery vehicles and plant more trees,…

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cyber security

Protecting Seniors in the Digital Age

As the world moves faster and further into digitalisation, senior citizens are left behind as they…

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Sai Srinivas English teacher in his class

This teacher wishes to empower the nation’s future citizens

As Brad Henry said, “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite imagination and instil the love…

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language love

Loving your language

Language is not just for communication, it is a beautiful thing used to express feelings and…

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