coffee photo

Catching food on camera

Food looks colourful. It looks good when photographed. The close-ups look still more wonderful. When there are many ingredients with various colourful vegetables, I love to take a picture of them.

From a simple coffee in a mug to a vegetable pulao, food photos are very nice to look at, even at a later time. I have tried to catch the steam from a piping hot coffee, but never could. I will get that someday.

I love the variety of food on plates, while we as a family eat out. Though it is difficult to take a shot of all of it together, I try to capture at least a few of them. Sometimes I take photos of each plate individually.

My photos have never been great. But I love to click on the mobile phones whatever I feel is beautiful.



Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash

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