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Photos that smile

I like to take photos on my mobile phone, that you will smile at them later on. For example, if you go on a short trip you will most likely forget what you did. If you click multiple pictures you will definitely remember and just smile.

Maybe it was just a normal day when you go to the grocery store when it opens and the store is stocked full and you just click a picture. Now if you look at that photo you will think how were you able to go to that grocery store at that time without feeling scared or worried, maybe taking extra self-precautions because it might not be that clean right now!

I also think just taking photos of random things also wastes the space on your phone. You can only fill your phone with photos you really need. Sometimes you might think a picture of a grocery store or a mall might not be as important before, but now you do, because pictures hold memories and memories are what we all need.

If we all think about what we used to do we will feel as if we are doing it right now and we will all feel relaxed. We can also tell our children, grand-children and great-grand-children that we survived through this time and feel proud of ourselves. Stay Safe!

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