Sky in June

My heart opens to the dusk sky

After a tiresome day, the rest is left with happiness, or sadness, work pressure, stress, and lonely feelings that strikes our mind anonymously. And leaves in quest how tomorrow is going to be. Our thoughts just flew away if we head up and speak to the evening sky. The sky rejoices your memories, sometimes it forms figures that come into your mind, the birds that fly gives a silhouette look, the planes which leave gust behind rewinds different feelings from inside. The shades that the evening sky shows displays our shades of love, happiness and emotions filled with it.
Let’s just enjoy this nature’s beauty!


evening sky
Feb 24, 2020: The Beautiful shades of colour erases our deep blue.


February sky
Feb 27, 2020: How much emotions that grey cloud holds in it? It still stays high in the sky, without a tear falling to the earth.
April sky
Apr 23, 2020: Why not music and dance at this lovely sight that would blow our mind!
May sky
May 15, 2020: Cream-like patches untamed above a tree.


May Sky Chennai
May 11, 2020: The highly eternal gives a flawless sight of alternating dark and bright
June sky
June 4, 2020: The cloudy frame leaving overwhelming expectations of lovely rain showers.
June sky Chennai
June 6, 2020: Above as opulent that any being on earth should head up.


Sky in June
June 7, 2020: The brilliant but intermittent sunset.
evening sky in June
June 7, 2020: The azure tranquil show of wonder.
Chennai June sky
June 8, 2020: When Sun waves goodbye late at the evening, giving a good night bliss.

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