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Earth Day Report: Love for a Greener Earth

During this lockdown period, my family has been in one place for quite some time now. This made me observe new traits and hobbies of my family members that I had not known of before. What especially caught my eye was my mother’s passion and love towards gardening.

Besides cooking for the family, my mother enjoys her hobby of gardening. In the evening she would go up to our terrace and plant seeds in various pots and name them. She would water them and nourish them with natural fertilizers every day. My terrace is now greener than ever.

If my mother had free time, I watch her spending it researching or reading books about plants. Not only outside, but she grows various indoor plants as well. Therefore there’s green practically everywhere in my house. I can see the joy in her eyes every time she enters a plant nursery. She would talk to plants with so much love and her plants would always bear the sweetest fruits or the best smelling flowers.

hanging plants

A few years ago she was recognised for her gardening knowledge and was invited to conduct a workshop for school students to help make their school greener. My mother adores nature and I think her action of making places around her greener is a step forward towards helping society become greener.

True, the growth of a green planet starts at home!


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