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Earth Day Report – My experience of watching a plant grow

My holidays were spent nurturing the growth of a plant, as a part of the school project. And sure enough, it was pretty enjoyable. It gave me an opportunity to break free from the clutches of the technological world.

The paraphernalia involved for cultivating a particular plant in a pot was something that most of us already know about – a pot, some soil, a couple of seeds and some water. With only these things, I may not be wrong to say that one feels vainglorious while he/she gives life to a plant.

I chose to grow ladies’ fingers and planted the seeds in the soil. As I excitedly scrutinized the pot each day to see signs of the plants sprouting from the seeds and as I continued watering them dedicatedly, I fortuitously noticed the plants teeming out of the soil on one particular day. The pleasure of growing a plant was simply indescribable.

plant growing

This was the best school project I had ever done, one that brought me closer to nature. The entire process of evolution of a plant, as it develops from a seed into a tiny sapling, and eventually growing to become a tree is like watching the different aspects of life first-hand. This also makes us realize that plants and trees are living beings too, and have and share a life just as we do. The fact that we, by simply planting a seed into the soil, are paving the existence for a new being and giving life to it is simply amazing – a fact that is often ignored.

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