dream jet

I woke up to see myself on a private jet

When I woke up, the first thing I noticed was I wasn’t in my house! In fact, I wasn’t in a house at all.

I was sitting in a seat, with a lollipop stuck in my mouth and…earplugs? I slowly turned my head and saw that I was on an airplane! I pressed a button near me and an air host came, but she was walking on her hands with a cookie jar balanced on her feet! She handed the jar to me and I asked her where my parents were and she spoke in…is that Japanese? She said my parents boarded me on a private jet to my grandmother in Korea!

She left and returned with headphones, a huge bag the size of a cushion full of popcorn and a box full of chocolate ice cream saying that it was my dessert. I scratch my nose wondering where in the world did you start with dessert first! I turned on the tiny screen in front of me and nothing came except there was noise in my ears. I looked up and saw that there was a huge screen all around me! I watched a movie and sat eating my ice cream and popcorn and she came back with my main course.

I was hoping it would be candy again but it was a sandwich. And then she came back with soup. And then I told her the jet was too stable that I didn’t even know it was moving. She nodded and went back and then 5 minutes later the jet spun in circles and we went so fast I thought it would breach sky laws.

I had the most wonderful time in my life filled with snacks and sweets. I was just drowsing to sleep when I heard a voice speak into my ear “Get ready and come for breakfast!”

I opened my eyes expecting to be in my private jet but saw that I was lying down in my bed with my mom over me!


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