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Loving your language

Language is not just for communication, it is a beautiful thing used to express feelings and brings love, joy and creativity to us. However, how many of us spend some time actually enjoying our language?

Do we spend time learning our mother tongue? Though English is essential for communication and various other aspects, our mother tongue is equally important. We often forget our mother tongue. Our language is important because it is our culture. It has been spoken about for many centuries so why not explore its beauty or history?

We have to make sure we love our language and spend time on it. If we forget our language and speak English, then our language will fade and history will be lost with it. It is okay to speak and respect English and preserve the language however we must never omit to preserve our language and culture. Every language has its beauty and thus it is high time for us to learn our language and sustain it.

Thus we have to maintain a balance between both languages. It might seem boring but try to explore. There will be so many good books, poems etc. just like Helder Camara once said “Keep your language. Love its sounds, its modulation and its rhythm. But try to march together with men of different languages, remote from your own, who wish like you for a more just and human world.”

To conclude, our mother tongue is as important as English so let us save some time for it and learn at least a few things about it and use it for communication in our homes. After all, it is a language that has its own history and richness just like English does.

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