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My home says about who I am!

It is really easy to know about someone based on the objects that you see around them, really?

When you enter my home, you will see a small house made of cardboard with a cat inside it. Actually once I found a cat which was sleeping in the park near my house. It had no home, so, I thought of taking care of it and got it to my house. My friends and I saw that whenever it rained, the cat would hide under bushes or cars. It wasn’t good for the cat. So, we got an idea to make a small cat house out of cardboard for it. The cat liked it a lot. It sleeps inside this box every day whether it is sunny or raining.

My father has also got me an aquarium with fishes inside. I feed them every day. He has also promised me to get me a dog. So, can you guess why I have all these? Yes. I love animals a lot!

When you come inside my room, you will see a lot of music instruments, music books, bangles and anklets. You might be wondering why I have all of them. I have them because I love to dance and sing. I also go to music and dance classes. I hope one day I will be on stage dancing or singing.

You will also notice so many drawings and paintings stuck up in all my cupboards. And if you open my shelves, you will find a lot of colour pencils, crayons and sketch pens. Do you know why? Yes. Because I love to draw and colour too. Most of my drawings and paintings are either animals or cartoon characters.

Apart from these, you can also find a lot of books like storybooks, science books, general knowledge books, etc. So you can easily make out that I love to read books. You will also find a lot of notebooks with articles, stories and, also poems. Can you tell my hobby? Yes. I also love to write and read.

There is one more thing which you can see:
There will be Tom and Jerry running around on the TV. Yes. Like any other kid, I also love to watch cartoons on TV. So, yes you can tell who I am based on the things you see in my house and in my room!

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