plastic water bottle

Plastic water bottles. Boon or bane?

Plastic water bottles are very useful.
When you are going out and forget or lose your favourite metal water bottle it can be uneasy or sad, but when you carry a plastic water bottle, it is so light-weight and it doesn’t really matter if you lose it.

Even though it has such comfortable facilities it isn’t good for our environment. We should stop using plastic because any plastic is harmful to us and the Earth. A way plastic is harmful to us is, if plastic goes and composts into the soil after 700 years we would plant food in the soil, we would eat the food. In the food would be minuscule pieces of plastic that we would eat and if we eat from the same soil we would have hundreds of nanoscopic pieces inside our body.

I donĀ“t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to be part plastic!

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