What news channel should I choose? There are so many…

One casual evening, you have just finished an online spreadsheet, and you hear a small bell ring. You take out your phone, and voila! 2 new notifications. Okay, what is first? You click the first notification. It is a link to a news website.

You look at the Headline.
Corona Virus cure found, lockdown to end soon.
Finally. Okay, what is next… You tap on the other one. Another news website. It is going to be the same thing… You read the headline.

Corona Virus likely to lead to the downfall of humanity
– prevention or cure most likely impossible

Wait, what? Why? How? Is there anything I know that I can trust?

We all face this problem. Which one? Well, fortunately, I can help you with that.
Let’s say we want to learn about what is happening in India, you can go to ‘The Hindu – The Hindu Website or ‘Door darshan – Door Darshan’ (Door darshan is my mom’s national news go-to) And if you want to know anything happening internationally, I recommend going to the United Nations website (UN – United Nations) But if you want to learn about COVID-19, I suggest the World Health Organization (WHO – World Health Organization) I know these are all very serious and truthful websites but don’t we all sometimes wish there was something more community-related?

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