The Caged Bird – a poem

Hey man! Don’t you see?
I am caged, please set me free!
Oh stop flashing that camera’s light,
It keeps me awake all night.
Don’t you like watching us dance and sing?
It will be a sight, only if you let me out of this thing.
Please, my so-called caretaker will shortly arrive.
And to make me fly through his rings, he will strive.
But I will not pass through his rings,
And why should I? I have no freedom to spread my wings.

Hey man! They say you beings are priceless.
And what am I, for they have bought and caged me for a price so less!
All day long I remain perched and wonder why,
Why I am not permitted to fly?
And meet my kith and kin in the sky,
The sky that is free for all.
I dream of making my own nests in trees so tall.
And to find new places in a forest,
Then dance in the rain when nature is at its best.
Ah! But today I know it is my last day,
For my breath is slipping away.
For no crime, I was put behind bars.
And I thought while I gazed at the stars,
It is not me who is going to mourn, because
Hey man! It is your loss.


Image Credit: Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

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