The Write Track Season 2

The Write Track – Season 2: Writing every day on prompts

During the summer of 2020, The Write Track was launched on YOCee.

Young people wrote every day basing on prompts sent to their mailbox each day. Children and young adults mailed narrations, opinions, fun pieces and a lot more and they were published. The pieces they wrote also appeared on the ePaper.

The Write Track Season 2 is all set to start from May 1, 2021.

Apart from the pandemic and kinds of news in print, TV and online, we also have a lot more to share. Let us do it here.

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This page will be updated every day. If you have missed the earlier prompts and still want to write about them, pick up the prompt from here and just write. Mail your piece to us and get published!


May 31, 2021

1. Okay, since May 1, you have been writing – writing on some days and doing something else on some other days. Can you write about how did the days go in any week of the month with the support of graphs, Pie diagrams, Bar diagrams or simple mood tracker drawings?

2. How does it feel like to travel with a crippling fear of airplanes?
Remember the first time you were on a flight. Or even a train! How was it to travel with an underlying fear in the mind?

3. Every day, you get one hour to revisit any moment from your life. Your pick for any three days? Imagine any three days from the past.

May 30, 2021

The last break of this month-long writing. Enjoy!

May 29, 2021

1. Sports during the pandemic

If you love or follow sports, you would agree that last year was hard for all sports and sportspersons. Talk about the importance of sports in our life – both for the performer as well as the followers, how is it now and what could be made to continue the thrills of sports

2. Tell us about a used item you recycled recently.

We use a lot of things that we throw off after a single-use. I remember the ballpoint pen refills we were throwing off and was concerned about it. But we throw off those pens also these days. Apart from plastics, papers, a lot of e-waste disposed of by people regularly. Have you reused or recycled anything recently or created a different item or decorative stuff with the wastes? Tell us about it.

3. What it means to be a good neighbour?

Do you have a friendly neighbour? Are you too a good neighbour? What, in your opinion, makes a neighbour good?

May 28, 2021

1. News – how does the source matter?

We get to know of the happenings around us, in the school, in our area, country and the world through various sources. While newspapers, radio and television are the main sources for a long time, technology these days helps the ‘breaking news’ reach the public within seconds. The online sources are of many types – websites of print newspapers, online-only news websites and social media. Does the source of news we get to read matter? If so, why?

2. Was there a time you were angry about something, but thought it was silly to be?

We all become angry at something, and it is normal too. When we feel hurt, rejected and when things do not go the way we want… sometimes even boredom causes anger. And there are times when we do not know why we feel irritated and angry. When things calm down inside us, have you ever felt that there was nothing to be angry about, but you expressed your anger? Share your experience.

3. A photograph and a memory

Do you have that one photograph that brings back a beautiful memory? Would you want to frame it and hang it in your room or just keep it inside a secret box? Tell us about the photo and what you would do with it. Any story around the photo?

May 27, 2021

1. A recent local neighbourhood news that you felt was useful or interesting

We read and watch international and national news every day. But, have you read anything interesting about your neighbourhood or any news from your area that was useful to you in some way?

2. Family newspaper idea

Were you ever fascinated by the idea of launching a newspaper for your family and extended family? Have you ever tried making one? If yes, share the experience. If not yet, tell us what all would you want it to contain and who all will be contributing to the newspaper?

3. If you were invisible for a day, where would you go and what would you do?

May 26, 2021

1. Fake news. Heard of them? How do you find it when you come across fake news?

False and fake news appear in different types – from eye-catching headlines to simple satire that makes people believe in them to hoaxes. When you come across a fake how do identify that it is fake? Share the ways you recognise such news items.

2. Does geography interest you?

When technology rules the world, does Geography is still a subject that interests people? The branches of Physical Geography such as Oceanography, Meteorology and Palaeography along with the branches of Human Geography like Cultural Geography, Economic and Population Geography have still relevant to our daily living. If you are to choose any of these branches of Geography to study, what would you take up and why?

3. If you found a genie in a lamp or a bottle and had 3 wishes, what would they be?

Imagins and write 🙂

May 25, 2021

1. Volunteering during a crisis

We read many stories about people voluntarily offering help during this difficult time. Some do it with the help of digital apps, some physically by distributing the essential and some helping with mental health issues. Did you come across any such person in your neighbourhood or were you part of any volunteering or did you do anything individually? Tell us your story.

2. Sharing the happenings in school with parents

Are you one among those who share all that happened from the time you stepped out of your home to the time you are back from school, with your parents? Physical or online there are many things good, interesting as well as bad in school and classrooms. Would you share them with your parents? How important is emotional support from your parents?

3. If you could have dinner with any three people (real or fictional), who would you choose and what would you talk about? What would you eat?

May 24, 2021

1. Safety rules during the pandemic.

It is our basic duty to stay safe, follow the guidelines given by the officials and ministry. Why do some people break it? Talk to your friends /neighbours about what necessitates them to break the rules and write a report.

2. Advertisements in newspapers, television and digital devices – what do you think of them?

We come across many advertisements in all media we reach and watch. Do you think they are important or useful in some way? Do these advertisements appeal to you? Have you thought of the revenue these advertisements bring to the organisation that helps in the survival of the news media?

3. If there was a shopping festival, which one would you go to?

There are festival sales, now of course online, of many things from groceries to fashion to … What would you look for in such shopping festivals? Or if you are to curate one, what would you organise to sell?

May 23, 2021

Take a break this Sunday too!

May 22, 2021

1. Wearing masks and maintaining safe distance – are these difficult to follow?

Every instruction, govt orders, media poster scream that we all need to continue to mask and maintain a minimum of 2 meters’ distance. Still, we see people who do not wear masks or do not care for instructions. Why do you think, it is still difficult for the government to enforce these strictly?

2. If you are made part of planning your neighbourhood …

A locality needs to have a lot within it. Residential spaces, commercial spots like small and big shops, space for entertainment, relaxation like parks, theatres, space for sports and many more. If you are made a part of the committee that designs your neighbourhood, what are the spaces you would prefer to include? What would be the proportion of each one of them to the area of the neighbourhood.

3. A punishment that made you smile …

Do punishments bring a smile to anybody’s face? Recently there was a news item that a biker who violated the lockdown was made to dance for a song on the road. How funny is this! But, yes, these are punishments that make people realise any wrong act without making them suffer. Any such punishment by your teacher or your parent that made you chuckle?

May 21, 2021

1. Small businesses of daily needs – the effect of the year-long disease
While many people work online and some industries have had to postpone their plans, how are small businesses of daily needs manage during the crisis? Try speaking with your milk vendor, the local grocery or vegetable/fruit shops, the salon, the ironwala… and put a report together.

2. Photos – how to use them to document the present for the future?
We have photos as memories and keepsakes. How, do you think, the photographs of this age can become documentation of history for the future? What ways would you suggest to historians?

3. When the school starts again, what would you miss the most about learning from home all these days? And why? 

May 20, 2021

1. Are we getting there?
The models and graphs we see of late indicate that India is getting off the peak slowly. As we are getting there, what is happening in your area? If you feel the cases are coming down, what could be the precautions and steps taken that have helped in the decline? What are the protocols you are still insisted to follow?

2. A job / career you are most curious about?
We all, at every stage in our lives, fancy a career or a job. And we keep changing our minds as we grow. Right now, which career do you think is most interesting to you?

3. If one of your toys could speak, which one would you like to talk to you and why?
Hey, this is real fun. Just imagine and put your thoughts together.

May 19, 2021

1. Natural calamities and their management

Recently the cyclonic storm Tauktae battered the long west coast and caused severe damages in the area of its travel. Did you follow the information and warnings from the Met Department? Can you write an informative article on the course of actions, the digital predictions with diagrams by the MET department, the near-perfect predictions? Do try.

2. Would you trade your paper books for E-books or digital versions?

Some studies show that many young readers do not want to give up their collection of print books, even though they read a lot on their digital devices

3. Animated GIF, emoji, or words?

Which one works better and why do you think so? You might not want to use anything other than words in formal communications. But for informal and friendly interactions, what would you use? Is there anything other than these, you think work better?

May 18, 2021

1. Social solidarity during pandemic times (Collective report)

COVID-19 crisis is one of the unprecedented challenges that the world is contending now. What are the ways a community comes together during such time? Have you come across any such initiatives and instances in the last year. Find that news or features and put them together

2. An item you have that isn’t expensive but means a lot to you (Personal experience)

Most of us have one or a few such things, that are very close to heart and we hold on to them even after outgrowing it. Do you have one? Share your relationship with the item and the reason you think that it means a lot to you

3. Emojis – Love? Hate? (Fun)

Emojis or smileys or ideograms are all over digital devices and publications these days. Like them? Or just want to do away with them? Or when do you use them?

May 17, 2021

1. Data, graphs and numbers – what do we learn from them? (Explanatory)

Ever since last March – April, we have been reading data, tables and watching digital graphics and models with the numbers of many things – affected, recovered, vaccine doses, the pattern of peaks and lows. Try and write an explanatory article about what are these used for with examples

2. What are the actions you took personally to fight the virus that floats around you? (Personal experience)

List or make a sketchbook. Some examples: Ate healthily and did some exercise, taught someone how to wash hands properly, called or sent kind messages to friends to care for their mental health … Hey, sketches would be lovely!

3. Write about why you want to write. (Fun)

So, what do you want to write? Try writing about it in detail. Try writing different paragraphs for the different types you would be interested to write.

May 16, 2021

Take a break this Sunday too!

Do read what your peers have written on different prompts. Your feedback will surely encourage them.
If you want to pick up prompts from the past, you are welcome to.

May 15, 2021

1. Lockdown rule violation and fining (News report)

We read reports on people often violating the rules imposed to control Covid-19. Talk to people (your friends!) who observe rules and who think they are not needed (and why), and take their views on the fine that the authorities impose. Write it as a news report

2. Should we devote time and money to building a space station on the moon or Mars? Why or why not? (Opinion)

Countries and governments spend a lot on space research and curate missions to other planets. How do you think these help humans? Is the spending useful? Write an opinion piece.

3. A fairy or a fictional character you would love to be (Fun)

Ever got impressed with a character in a fairy tale and wished you were born as that character? A fairy ot a witch? 😀 Imagine and share your fictional experience!

May 14, 2021

1. Waste of food on the lunch or dinner plate. How to reduce it? (Research writing)

Do you know that food waste that decomposes in landfills releases methane, a gas that is at least 28 times more potent than carbon dioxide? This is just only of the many effects of the food we waste, on the planet we live in. Try and write an article searching for this topic from books/Internet, or talking to experts.

2. Arts – how it keeps you going during tough times (Personal experience)
A form of art – drawing, painting, music or dance – pursued as a hobby or as a passion can bring loads of happiness to us and take care of our mental health during times of distress. Now, when we have limited meetings, gatherings and conversations with our close friends and family, does any of these art forms you practice help you in maintaining peace at heart? Share your experience

3. Tell a person from another planet what pollution is (Fun)
Say something about your planet. Make that person understand what causes it, why it is bad and how that person can prevent causing pollution in their planet.

May 13, 2021

1. Teaching and learning science in the times of pandemic (Descriptive Report)

Science plays a big role when it comes to creating solutions to issues like this pandemic. But it demands in-person learning and teaching. One needs laboratory experience to understand concepts. How do teachers and students manage this challenge? Talk to students and educators and write a report.

2. Board games or digital games or both? (Personal experience)

Which of these you prefer to play and why?

3. Words I think are funny (Fun)

Do you know what onomatopoeia is? Find it out, it is actually a very interesting figure of speech. But then it also sounds a bit funny? 🙂 Try and put some words together and tell us why do you think they sound funny to you

May 12, 2021

1. Vaccination. The talk of the town, country and the world right now (Report)

Two ways of writing on this topic:
a) talk to a medical professional and put these thoughts and advices together as an interview or a write-up
b) talk to people who already got themselves vaccinated. Gather information as to why they wanted to get and how was the experience.

2. A goal you accomplished recently. How did you feel when you finished it? (Personal experience)

Be it reading a book, cleaning your desk or room or finishing an artwork, how did it feel when you were done with the goal set by yourself.

3. Pick two characters from different books you have read and have them get in an argument about something (Fun)

Wouldn’t that be interesting to put words into the mouths of those characters you loved or hated while reading a book? And more so if they get into an argument!

May 11, 2021

1. Technology in times of crisis (Report)

We come across many websites, including those officially released by the government, other collaborative efforts by groups, apps to find beds, medicines, hospitals, vaccination schedules. Do they reach the general population? Talk to your friends, friends’ parents, helpers if they knew any of these (Or all of these) and how do they make use of them and write a journalistic report. Gove links to the websites/ apps. Quote people

2. What is your favourite show on the screen? (Personal experience)

Any show or series you love to watch again and again on the TV or on Youtube or any other screen? Share with us, why you love the show.

3. What do you think about when you can’t sleep? (Fun)

Some nights we do not fall asleep the moment we are in bed. What thoughts go around your mind in those times. Turn them into a piece of writing.

May 10, 2021
1. Lockdown starts or gets extended from today. (News report)

Write a descriptive report on what activities are permitted and what are not, quoting government orders.

2. Favourite things to do during summer (Personal experience)

A break after a full school year of studies, exams and projects is a much-awaited time. What are your favourite things you wish to do during summer? Or do you really miss your academic books and exams? 🙂

3. Start with this and write a fiction/story:
When I woke up, the first thing I noticed was that I wasn’t in my house.

Imagine what happened next!

May 9, 2021

Take a break today! Read the articles, reports, poems and opinions by all who have been writing for the past 8 days. Leave your feedback.
If you want to pick up prompts from the past, please do.

May 8, 2021

1. Summer camps – all online (news report)
Summer has always been a time for acquiring various skills from outside the school. The summer camps, the travel to the place and back or the live-in camps and the activities alongside others not from your class or school keep children excited. Now, all these activities are online owing to the current situation. Speak to a few organisers and participants about the camps online and write a news report. (Ping me if you need a lead or two 🙂

2. Classroom fun (Personal experience)
Has your school or teach anytime turned a Monday morning or a boring class into fun and brought you back to learning? Did you ever experience a classroom game that was a lot of fun? Tell us!

3. Create your own holiday. (Fun)
We have holidays on National and religious celebrations. If you were to create a holiday, what would it be for? How would you want it to be celebrated? What food and decorations, traditions would be in that holiday?

May 7, 2021

1. Helpers and their safety (Report)

When it is time for absolute safety, all those who could do work remotely and study online afford to be safer than our daily helps. Would you speak to your domestic help, milk delivery boy, the security at the gate or the government workers and find out how do they care for themselves at this pandemic time? What help do they get from their places of work?

2. Exercise and outdoor activity amidst online sessions (Personal Experience)

The need to stay indoors has put off many health-conscious people who go out for regular exercise or a walk. Online sessions necessitate long hours of sitting and gazing at the screens. How do you keep yourself physically active> What are the indoor exercises you do every day to keep yourself fit? Does yoga help? What outdoor activity is still possible?

3. What three pieces of advice would you give to your younger self? (Fun)

If you were your own older sibling (ah, this is crazy!) what three pieces of advice would you give to your own younger self?

May 6, 2021

1. Travels at tough times (News)

There are restrictions on travel within the country and within states. The daily travels through local trains and Metro for work and business are also on with restrictions. Have you come across people who travel every day for work or travel for unavoidable reasons or travel to be caregivers to those affected? Try and speak to them as to why and how do they travel and what precautions they take and what restrictions should be added or removed in their opinion.

2. Are you the last person to speak up in a group or the first to speak about your idea? (Personal experience)

There are always the firts and hesitants to open up in any group or class. Who among these are you? And what makes you to be the first to speak or hold yourself up. Share your experience.

3. Imagine you are a flower and can speak! (Fun)

If you were a flower, how would you feel? Tell the world through a poem or a first-person account or a simple fun dialogue with another imaginary flower companion.

May 5, 2021

1. Have you or any of your family members were part of volunteering to help fight COVID-19?

Do you or anyone in the family reach out to others in your apartment or community during these testing times? Talk to them and add your contributions to share the best things and challenges in such tasks. (Report)

2. Do my gadgets take away family time? (Personal experience)

This may be an irrelevant question during these days when everything including study, shopping and health consultations are online. But, do we use the gadget only when we need them or we are always with them? Do we have time for personal interactions – not on chattings apps? Do we have time to listen to stories from parents and grandparents? Do we take time out to water plants or do a craft? What’s your experience?

3. If someone wrote a book about you, what do you think it would have in it? (Fun)



May 4, 2021

1. Natural oxygen supply in times of crisis (Opinion)

We read about the shortage of medical oxygen supply to the needy these days. Doesn’t that remind you of how we as a society do not care for the natural oxygen that our environment has aplenty? How we all in small and big ways, pollute nature and what we could do to contribute to help preserve a clean environment? Write an opinion piece. Use subheadings, examples, research source (Do give a link / credit the source)

2. When do you perform better – when you are competing or collaborating? (Personal experience)

Hear, hear… competitions! They are there in every field – academic or industry or just in daily life situations. While striving to perform better we all adopt various ways. But do you perform well when you are in competition with others or while doing work as a team? Share your personal experience.

3. If you were to name yourself when you were born, what name would you have chosen (Fun)
We all live with the name given by parents and grandparents or older siblings. If you were able to tell your parents the name you like at the time of your naming, what name would you have chosen? And why – any reason to choose?


May 3, 2021

1. Garbage challenges in the disposal of health safety gears (Newsy)
During these times, all of us are using personal safety gear such as masks, gloves and face shields. Many contain microplastic fibres and are disposable after a single-use. People knowingly or ignorantly throw them into the trash can directly. Do you see the challenges our sanitary workers face here? Talk to people and make a news report. Pictures to support will be meaningful to go with your report

2. Tackling boredom creatively (How-to article)
School days or holidays, lockdown or no lockdown, some days become boredom days. Isn’t it true with all of us? Now write a how-to guide article to tell readers how they can tackle those days creatively. Use numbers and bullet points.

3. The word ‘fat’ carries a negative connotation. Write a story or observation where something ‘fat’ is celebrated. (Fun)
I don’t think this needs any elaboration. 🙂


May 2, 2021

1. Exams during tough times (Newsy)
Though the exams for classes till 10th are done away with in many educational institutions, the school final of class 12 are on with practical and written exams. Without having physical classes for about a year, how important are the exams now? Speak to a couple of students (teachers and parents also if possible) and make it a report

2. How do you try to reduce your impact on the environment (Personal Experience)
Many of us throw away stuff after a single-use. Have you tried to recycle or reduce waste in your daily life? If yes, share it to inspire others

3. What would you invent to make the world a better place? (Fun)
Don’t we all wish we had something to solve a problem easily or do things easily or save something from being gone forever? If you could invent something, what would you invent?


May 1, 2021

1. Mask up, people. (Newsy)
With news of shortage of anything about healthcare from hospital beds to oxygen, what is our effort to prevent contracting the virus? Should we make wearing a mask a movement? Talk to a few people from different walks of life and put your thoughts together.

2. What are the best things in life and are they free? (Personal experience)
Do all that you feel that are the best things, come for money? How do you value them even when they are free?

3. Superpower you wish you had (Fun)
How many times you exclaimed “Wish I could only …!” If you have a superpower, how would you use it?

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