writer's block

Feeling stuck about what to write or where to begin!

Ah, my old foe. We meet again.

Lurking right around the corner and waiting. Waiting as my creativity flows in vibrant bands, brighter than my imagination itself – forming a protective aura, keeping you at bay. Just when I let my guard down, you strike – stifling my coils of ingenuity into mere darkness.

However I try, I cannot extract my imagination from your grasp. My free-flowing swirls of cognitive thinking are no more.

‘Sticks and stones may break my bones. But words can never hurt me.’ I would rather prefer the sticks and the stones, rather than having ‘wordlessness’ hurt me.

Wordlessness. Noun. A state of mind where you cannot express your thoughts in words. I can make up words, but I am unable to put them together to create a harmonious balance of events. Coming to think of it, all words are made up. But, that’s not the point.

It’s like having imaginary friends who refuse to talk to you.
All that stands in your way is one giant – wait no, a gigantic monstrous wall of heinousness. All you need to do is bring in a humongous excavator, and you are set. I wish it were that easy. I really do. I wish I could pick it up and hurl it away like a Lego block. Don’t try stamping it though. Ouch. Woe be it to the poor soul who tried that.

There are many who claim to have writer’s block but are just really lazy. Been there. Done that.
Now I wish that I was really just lazy. Not stuck up with a foul basket case of Writer’s Block. People say there are ‘cures’ for this. Nilavembu Kashayam ought to do the trick. Nah, just kidding. One can dream, though.

My go-to cure is reading a good book. Reading helps you get back in touch with the calming process of writing. Reading your own work again can be quite the inspiration to get you started again! Or you can write about not being able to write. It doesn’t matter if it is not up to your usual standards.

The flow of writing is not something you can have a timetable for. It comes and it goes. It is up to us to capture those moments and use them wisely – like I am doing right now. Sitting in front of the laptop at 12:06 in the morning!
The ability to express events, thoughts, and emotions in words is precious. Don’t let a simple Lego block be in the way. Put pen to paper, and thoughts to words – and all will be well. Just start writing.

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