old journal

Unearthing memories

It is always amazing when you find your old memories whether it was your diary or…

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rainy day with cat watching the rains

Lazy days? They have a lot in them too!

Some days we are active and feel like doing everything we want to do like there’s…

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Prani pet sanctuary

Prani Pet Sanctuary: A place for rescued and abandoned pet animals and birds

On the outskirts of Bangalore, about 15 km from the busy city hustle, is a place…

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Grandma’s days of reading, writing and social life

“The world before is not the world now” – is what I agree with while chatting…

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kadale kayi parishe

Many varieties of groundnut at this festival in Bangalore

The Kadale kayi Parishe (Peanut festival), where different varieties of peanuts are showcased, happens once a…

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back to school

To school after one and a half years

After a long time, I finally got to go to school! It was an amazing experience…

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Rainwater Harvesting in Bangalore

Tapping rainwater to recharge the groundwater

As we see the groundwater level is receding every summer and there is a scarcity of…

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Ms. Nagaveena Kiran in online class

Teaching and learning during the extraordinary times

The new normal now is ‘remote working’ which means doing everything in remote, like studying, teaching,…

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Monsoon moods: Different perspectives of people in Bangalore

The weather changed from hot summer to rainy monsoon in the last couple of weeks, in…

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