funny words

Chuckling at words?!

In English, there are words with many vowels and letters due to that some words sound…

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Games – on board and online!

Board games or digital games or both? I prefer both. Why? I like board games. It…

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Learning sanskrit

A goal to learn a language

A goal that I accomplished recently was learning Sanskrit. Changing my second language to Sanskrit in…

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just add magic

Just add fun, spookiness and magic!

My most favourite show on the screen is Just Add Magic. It was a zealous watch…

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Fun in classroom

Online classes are back-breaking as the teachers aren’t able to feel the ambiance of a classroom.…

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active indoors

Staying active indoors

Keeping ourselves physically active by doing exercises is quite a challenge. Owing to the lockdown and…

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red rose bouquet

Being kind as a flower

If I was a flower and I could speak, I would enjoy life till my peak…

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grandma and kid

Are gadgets replacing our grannies?

From my personal experience, gadgets do take away family time. Why?- Gadgets have become a necessity…

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Be in a team to work better

I feel I perform better when I’m collaborating. Why? “None of us is as smart as…

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