tiger family

Meet this tiger family

We stay in our home and the family is safe together. Are you staying home and…

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smart phone screen

Amma, don’t give me your phone!

Yes, amma. I don’t want your phone. Please don’t give it to me. Please.. please. I…

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river- before and after

An Autobiography of a river

The scorching sun has no pity for me. Every day I travel seventy two kilometres without…

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learning online

Teachers teach amidst COVID-19

When the whole of India is under lockdown and the children while away their time, teachers…

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rafting in bhadra

Reminiscing the experience of my travel

During this very precious time that has been offered during the lockdown, I am utilising it…

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yellow rose

Blooming for brightening up lives

Now is the time for these bright yellow roses to convey joy and caring. They also…

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spider photo

My nightmare of nightmares (Poem)

It was my most fearful experience, It had left me in a trance. All my nightmares…

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Harry Potter book

A Book Character I Would Like To Meet

If ever luck favours me and gives me a chance to meet a book character, I…

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two little birds

Two birds from two 22

How to draw birds from 22: 1. Write 22 twice on a sheet. Write in such…

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